New Building Performance Contracting New Building Performance Contracting. This is an early report prepared with the Rocky Mountain Institute to promote new building performance contracting.  

Rethinking Percent Savings. This is the original 2009 report that introduced Zero Energy Performance Index (zEPI), allthough, it was not called zEPI at the time. 

ASHRAE Paper Summer 2011 ASHRAE zEPI Paper. This paper addresses many of the same concepts as the Rethinking Percent Savings paper and introduces the zEPI term. 
Energy Efficiency Magazine Article. This article by David Goldstein and myself classifys varous building rating systems and introduces new metrics including the energy services index (ESI) and 
ASHRAE Journal Article May 2013. This article by Mike Rosenberg and myself describes the work in progress to modify the performance rating method in Appendix G of Stanard 90.1 so that it is stable. The standard was underway at the time and the concepts have since changed. 
ASHRAE Journal Article (June 2016). This is an update to the May 2013 article and is in alignment with the changes that were actually adopted in Standard 90.1-2016. The concept of performance cost index (PCI) is introduced. 
ASHRAE Journal Article (June 2017). This is an article where myself and other ZNE experts address questions about zero net-energy buildings. 
ASHRAE Journal Article (July 2017). This article describes the concept of CFA (collector to floor area) ratio which is one of the ideas presented in my book, Design Professionals Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings.